one-pomona-quoteGovernment is important. And we in government must work to provide consistent and excellent service in our areas of responsibility. But government can’t solve every problem, nor should it. The tendency is for residents and businesses to see the relationship to the city as a transactional relationship. What I want to see, is a transformational relationship. Where government is working with its residents and businesses, to create an environment where all community members prosper. In other words, we’re not just taxpayers, but citizens with the responsibility to help make the city whole.

When confronted with a problem, if we are thinking in a transformational way, as opposed to a transactional way, we don’t ask “What is the City going to do for us?” Rather the focus becomes What are we going to do together? How are we going to take ownership of Pomona?” My vision for Pomona is for every resident and business to take ownership of this community. As we see a change in this mindset, we will see Pomona prosper.

So let’s spread this mindset to our neighbors, and throughout this City. Let’s tell the whole story about Pomona. Because great things are happening here.

As your Mayor, I’m honored to serve you, and I am excited about the possibilities of what we might accomplish together.



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