"Together we can face any crisis and build a better future."

Pomona is a city that works to support everybody. Here in Pomona, we care very deeply about our city and our residents, but we also care about our surrounding communities. My goal as the city’s mayor has always been to lead by example and encourage helping others as we help ourselves. There are many ways in which we lead the region in improving people’s lives.

When people from surrounding communities need quality medical care, they go to Pomona Valley Hospital. When they want an excellent education for themselves or their children, they go to Cal Poly Pomona, one of the premier public universities, right here in our city. When individuals suffer a traumatic injury, they go to the world-renowned Casa Colina Hospital. And hundreds of thousands are drawn to the Los Angeles County Fairplex every year, not just for entertainment, but also for vital services in times of need. Institutions like these make Pomona a place that people in surrounding cities rely upon.

My intentions moving forward are to continue with what we have started. I believe that we lead by example and are a source of strength for surrounding communities. I know that I am not alone. This community is full of people who care and want to do their part to benefit the city and help others. It is people like this who make Pomona what it is. Together, we can face any crisis and build a better future.



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