What kind of mayor should we expect to lead our great city?

I believe we should expect a mayor who:

  • cares enough to listen
  • values integrity, honesty and community engagement
  • solves problems

We need a mayor who is present and engaged, who:

  • advocates at regional meetings on the most important issues that impact our community, such as homelessness and human trafficking
  • leads when faced with the most controversial issues in our city
  • works with others to bring out the best in them

This is the type of leadership that you can expect from me.  I believe in servant leadership.  Not asking what can you give me, but what can I do for you.

I grew up in East Pomona, attended Montvue Elementary, Emerson Middle School and Pomona High School.  My wife grew up in South Pomona, attended Mendoza Elementary, Fremont Middle School and Ganesha High School.  Pomona is our home.  We are committed to the future of our city.

I’ve been working at building a brighter future for our city and for our students and families for over twenty years.  I have helped our young people realize their dreams of going to and graduating from college.  I helped bring a tutoring program back to our public library.  I have worked to improve the health and safety of our community by pushing for higher standards from our waste and recycling businesses.  This is how I have been solving problems in our diverse community.  I didn’t do it alone.  I worked to bring people together.

TeamSandovalI see tremendous possibility everywhere I look in our city.  To realize that potential, I will work closely and collaboratively with city, county, community, and institutional leaders to build on our key assets to help bring jobs to our city and create opportunities for our residents to prosper.  Under our collective leadership, the city of Pomona—the 7th largest in Los Angeles County—will be recognized as a respected leader in the region.

The choice is clear:  an old style politics driven by fear and divisiveness or a new style of leadership built on integrity, honesty, possibility, community engagement and service to others.  I believe I’m the strongest candidate to transform the politics of Pomona.  I want to be your mayor.  Let’s build One Pomona together.



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