Volunteer Agreement

Volunteer Agreement

Team Sandoval Volunteer Agreement

I understand that I am expected to exhibit respect, kindness, professionalism and enthusiasm at all times when volunteer for the Sandoval for Mayor campaign.  These qualities are grounded in the campaign’s core values of:

  • Transparency.  Externally and internally, we never want a subset of our campaign team to withhold information or avoid inviting input on a decision.
  • Integrity. We want to be consistent with who we say we are in all areas, not compartmentalizing these values to just certain areas of behavior.
  • Honesty. We strive to be truthful in what we communicate and follow through with our commitments.
  • We hold each other accountable to our common values, and welcome correction.
  • Community Input and Engagement. We are stronger when more people are engaged and contributing. We want everyone engaged in the future of Pomona, and pursuing this is what makes us a “grass-roots” campaign.
  • Hope/Optimism. We are hopeful and optimistic– we acknowledge and try to understand problems because we truly believe we can find solutions that will make Pomona better.
  • People First. Families and individuals are important to us– we value the well-being of the people of our community.
  • Regenerative Community. As opposed to a “stuck community” we want to practice being a community with a sense of belonging, a sense of possibility, a sense of movement, a sense of self-worth.
  • Fairness and Respect. We don’t treat anyone differently because of their status or wealth.
  • An Attitude of Service. Leadership begins and ends with service.
  • Love and Empathy. We are driven by genuine care and concern for our community.

I promise I will conduct myself according to these values while I am representing Tim, and seek guidance from the campaign if uncertain about Tim’s backgrounds or positions.


Complete your information below to accept the terms of volunteer service for Team Sandoval.