First 100 Days

First 100 Days

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It is common for candidates to articulate short-term actions in order to share their priorities.  They often focus on a couple of hot issues, and then offer simplistic promises to solve extremely complex problems.  Pomona voters are smarter than that.  We know that In order to solve the complex challenges facing our city and to unlock the opportunities available to us, we must first change the way in which decisions are made by our elected officials and appointed staff.  

In the first 100 days after being elected, above and beyond specific initiatives related to economic development, homelessness and public safety, there are five goals I am committed to advancing to strengthen our city:


I’ve heard from many residents and businesses that they’ve had challenges dealing with city hall.  At the same time, I don’t believe that our city employees are being supported, encouraged or empowered to do their very best.  In the first 100 days I will work to institute long-ignored employee performance review processes, and work with employees to prioritize customer service for both residents and businesses.

  • Initiate city organizational and employee performance assessment
    • Hire an independent evaluator to guide the city through the process
    • Establish customer service feedback/rating for city front desk and services
  • Institute performance review schedule for all council appointed positions


Many of us have noted the lack of collaboration and productivity of the Council, and even sitting council members have remarked about the absence of a positive, cooperative culture.  Such a culture begins with strong leadership.  As your mayor, I will work to understand the values and goals of each council member, and seek to establish a common understanding of expectations and priorities.  This begins with individual meetings with each council member about the interests of their district, as well as the interests of the entire city.

  • Setup individual meetings with each council member
  • Discuss and agree on common values and expectations among council members
  • Solicit feedback on agenda structure and primary goals and purpose for council meetings
  • Ensure board training for City Council


From the beginning, my campaign has been about strengthening community involvement in civic life.  I will partner with each council member to hold community engagement sessions in every district where we present and discuss the audited city financials and gather and articulate a collective set of goals and priorities for our city.  In addition, I will use traditional venues, like an annual State of the City address, as well as social media to regularly communicate with residents about the status of important issues and initiatives.

  • Partner with council members to conduct community engagement sessions in each district
    • Present audited city financial situation
    • Make detailed financial reports available
  • Communicate the One Pomona Vision and gather and articulate a collective set of goals for the City
    • They can only be goals if our residents want to see the change and are willing to work on it together
    • Work to ensure more residents are included in this process
    • Identify community resources that can be energized to attain the collective goals


While Pomona is blessed with tremendous businesses and institutional assets such as its universities, its hospitals and the fairgrounds, it has failed to engage these organizations as partners in a successful future.  In the first 100 days, I will make it a priority to hold meetings with our major institutions and roundtable discussions with small business owners, to discuss shared values and responsibilities, and promote creative synergy for change.

  • Establish meetings with major institutions and roundtables with small business owners
    • Communicate and value businesses as assets to our community
    • Build a sense of shared ownership and responsibility for the well-being of the city
    • Explore how businesses and the city can work more cooperatively together for mutual benefit
  • Convene gatherings with non-profit leaders
    • Work to align resources and create synergy among organizations working for change
    • Explore how the city can help them be more effective


Too often, our City has been underrepresented or even absent at regional discussions around critical issues, such as homelessness, economic development, and public safety.  Such problems and opportunities have causes and solutions that extend well beyond our municipal borders, and require effective advocacy and collaboration.  In the first 100 days, the reconstruction of effective partnerships with our neighboring communities, as well as county, state and federal representatives will be a high priority, to ensure we are working together in the best interest of the City and the region.

  • Conduct meetings with County Supervisor, State Assembly Member, State Senator, et al.
    • Discuss state and regional issues and dynamics impacting Pomona
    • Partner in establishing Pomona as a strong economic engine in the region 
  • Establish relationships with mayors of surrounding cities
    • We’re not in competition; a stronger Pomona is a stronger Pomona Valley
    • Collaborate to disrupt and solve regional problems (homelessness, human-trafficking, crime rings)

Once I have accomplished these action items, I will hold a State of the City Address in which I will present the course of action with measurable goals, reasonable timelines, and intermediary milestones.  This will help set a road-map for the following year and my first term as mayor.  Together we can build a better, stronger Pomona.