Sandoval Kicks Off Campaign with Rally in Downtown Pomona

Sandoval Kicks Off Campaign with Rally in Downtown Pomona

Sandoval Kicks Off Campaign with Rally in Downtown Pomona

Saturday evening (August 13, 2016), Tim Sandoval officially kicked off his election campaign with a rally at Memorial Park in Downtown Pomona. The rally was hosted by Senator Connie Leyva and attended by over a large crowd of local residents, business owners, leaders and volunteers.

Among the speakers was Emelia Martinez, a recent graduate of Pomona High and leader of the Political Awareness Club, the hosts of the Mayoral Debate held months ago. She spoke of her frustration with Mayor Elliott Rothman’s refusal to respond to one of 20 requests to participate in the student lead debate. Ms. Martinez also shared that it was because of the debate, she has made the decision to cast her vote for Tim Sandoval. As a recent graduate, this will be her first time voting.

Following Ms. Martinez, a handful of speakers, such as William Bryan, Claudia Bedolla, David Holmes, and Ali Hangan, were invited to briefly share their stories and share why they are voting for Tim Sandoval.

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Senator Connie Leyva with Pomona Mayoral Candidate Tim Sandoval

Senator Connie Leyva took to the stage and praised Sandoval for the work he had done within the city and shared her support for him as the next Mayor of Pomona. Senator Leyva went on to tell the excited crowd, “As your State Senator, I can’t be in Pomona every day. I can’t make every decision, but I can sure help elect a Mayor who cares about each and every one of you, all 153,000. Not just the people who write a check, not just people who buy him dinner. I cannot be more excited and more proud to support Tim Sandoval…your next Mayor.”

Following the rally, Tim Sandoval, accompanied by a talented local Mariachi band, lead the crowd down 2nd Street exciting the Downtown Pomona Art Walk attendees. The crowd, wearing their Tim Sandoval for Mayor shirts, were encouraged to enjoy Art Walk and shop Pomona.

Tim Sandoval has been a Pomona resident since he was a child, when his parents moved to Pomona to purchase their first home. He serves as the chairperson for the Waste and Recycling Moratorium Task Force, is the Program Director for Bright Prospects, a board member of the the Clean & Green Pomona, the dA Center for the Arts, and the Pomona Public Library Foundation.