100 Days | Community Engagement

100 Days | Community Engagement

100 Days | Community Engagement

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Note: This is third in a series of updates on my progress toward my 100 Days Plan. You can read the full plan on my web site.


From the beginning, my campaign for Mayor was about strengthening community involvement in civic life. As you may be aware, I am in the process of hosting community meetings with each council member in their district, something I pledged to do in the first 100 days. The focus is on communicating City finances, to give residents a better understanding of the City’s sources of revenue, as well as how we spend this money. In addition, we have been providing an update on “A Way Home,” the City’s homeless plan, including the construction of the City’s emergency homeless shelter on Mission Boulevard. We’ve had a good turnout at each of the first four district meetings, and some great discussions about the interests and concerns that are important to residents.

We have two meetings remaining: Tonight (March 30th) in District 2 with Council Member Robledo, from 6:30 – 8:30 pm at the Ralph Welch Community Center; and on April 5th in District 6 with Council Member Torres, from 6:30 – 8:30 pm at the Ganesha Park Community Center. If you have not attended one of the previous meetings, I encourage you to come out and take part.

I have also initiated opportunities to increase involvement of residents in city improvements, in a very hands-on way. The Council and I have hosted Pomona Beautiful Clean-Up Days throughout the City and have encouraged others to take responsibility for cleaning up the City. This program was in direct response to many comments I heard during the campaign about the condition of our neighborhoods, thoroughfares and parks, and the need for cleaner neighborhoods.

Finally, in February and March, I held a series of events throughout the City, called “Coffee with the Mayor and Police Chief.” Around 300 people attended these events that were held in North Pomona, Downtown, and South Pomona. I enjoyed answering questions from residents, and hearing their concerns as well as their ideas for improving the City. I learned much from these events, and was particularly impressed with the love and concern Pomona residents expressed for their City.

These events I have mentioned, as well as numerous functions I have attended, and casual conversations I have had on the street over the past 100 days, have given me a deeper appreciation of Pomona’s greatest asset: Its people. There is passion, talent and commitment among our residents, and we need everyone to be engaged so that we can make the best decisions possible for our City, and move Pomona forward. That is why community engagement will not stop after 100 days. I will be hosting events and activities throughout my term. I hope you will participate.


Tim Sandoval
Mayor, City of Pomona

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