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100 Days | Businesses & Institutions

100 Days | Businesses & Institutions

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Note: This is the fourth in a series of updates on my progress toward my 100 Days Plan. You can read the full plan on my web site.


While Pomona is blessed with tremendous businesses and institutional assets such as its universities, its hospitals and the fairgrounds, in the past it has failed to engage these organizations as partners in a successful future.

In the first 100 days, I have made it a priority to hold meetings with our major institutions, holding one-on-one meetings with the leaders of each. I was pleased that each of these leaders articulated the need for us to work together. One outcome of these meetings was a decision to bring together health care providers and educational institutions for dialogue about the future of this important economic sector for Pomona. In February I collaborated with Dr. Coley, President of Cal Poly Pomona, to host a health leaders luncheon, to bring key people together to discuss issues and opportunities. This group is working to organize a health summit to take place in October.

As many are aware, the Fairplex is under new leadership with the appointment of Mr. Miguel Santana as CEO. They are currently involved in a long-term visioning and planning process for their institution, and I have been participating in this effort to provide input from the City’s perspective. This new relationsip offers a tremendous opportunity to support and leverage the plans for this valued institution, to provide maximum benefit and ensure that it responds to needs and concerns of the community.

I have also connected with many small business owners in the City during my first 100 days. I make it a point to visit local businesses in areas where we have held clean-ups, to hear the concerns and ideas that owners and employees have for improving the City. A number of business owners have also participated in my coffee and community meetings. Topics of discussion have included conditions of streets, concerns over illicit activity, upcoming development opportunities, challenges with the city’s regulatory processes, and the adverse impacts from some businesses or property owners whose operations are not up to code.

Our businesses and institutions are vital to our community. My goal as Mayor is to strengthen our relationship with these organizations, make sure they know how important they are to the success of Pomona, but also ensure that their activities are making positive contributions to our neighborhoods.


Tim Sandoval
Mayor, City of Pomona

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